Energy Poverty In Africa Essay

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The issue I am focusing on is deprivation of power in rural areas of africa and the rest of the planet. This specific issue has currently been affecting over 1.7 billion of the world's people that currently are suffering from energy poverty. Energy is very important to the development of a country's economy. This specific issue is why many African countries currently do not have a very good economy because a lot of their country's people are in energy poverty. This also affects their domestic living such as an adequate area to do studies or too sleep because of the harsh conditions of sub saharan africa.

Most of the human beings in energy poverty lack adequate domestic living areas.
Affects a country's economic strength and growth.
Educations is not as proficiently taught because of the classrooms environment.
Energy Poverty stands in the way of better health and Jobs
More strenuous work in finding energy to power the poors domestic living spaces

What caused the problem?

This problem has multiple beginnings starting with these areas being secluded and untouched for a long period in time
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The United Nations have done a very good job at starting and launching missions to eradicate this problem. Many other organizations that are not connected to the United Nations have begun doing the same thing such as Bennu Solar which has been created for anyone interested in the placing of solar energy solar powers in rural areas. Another organization named Practical Action that is a non profitable organization that works in various countries to bring technological advancements to rural areas in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, India, Zimbabwe, and Sudan. Aside from solar power and solar-powered water pumps, it also helps to bring in fireless cookers, biogas, micro hydro power, small-scale wind power, and other cleantech

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