Essay On Nonrenewable Energy

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Energy plays a critical role in the lives of all human beings. Without energy, humans would be nowhere as their basic needs such as electricity, lighting and heating would be far from fulfilled. The main energy sources are categorized into two groups. One would be the non-renewable sources, which are non-replaceable resources that deplete quickly and the other would be renewable sources that can replenish naturally within a period of time. Over the years, our main energy source has come from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which are non-renewable sources. With the increasing human population, these fossil fuels have been in high demand and this poses a threat in the future in terms of climate change. In the 21st century, the big concern has been about assuring that there will be enough affordable energy in the coming years and in order for human beings to be on a sustainable path, there has to be a further implementation of climate measures and an up rise of renewable sources in the coming future.
Fossil fuels are predominantly made up of oil, coal and natural gas and are known to be man’s best friend, accounting for almost 90% of the usage of energy sources for over half a century
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With hydroelectricity, dams would have to be built and this would show expensive, as there are very limited reservoirs around (Bagher, Vahid, Mirhabibi, and Parvin 18,19). Also, this can interfere with the habitats of many underwater animals (Bagher, Vahid, Mirhabibi, and Parvin 18,19). Nevertheless, on the whole with proper decision-making and strategic planning by professionals, hydropower can serve well for the environment. This can be further backed up by statistics that have shown that “31% of 2013 greenhouse gas emissions” came from electricity and therefore, hydropower plays and will continue to play a huge factor in the improvement of climate change (United States Environment Protection Agency
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