Essay On Energy Supply In The Philippines

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We all know that almost all of our daily activities are very much dependent on electricity. From the moment we wake up, until the time we go to sleep, we always make use of electricity. At present, the population of the Philippines stands at 100 million. It is common knowledge that any increase in the human population means increase in human activities. These activities translate to greater demand for power. By next year, our country is about to face another big problem that will gravely affect all of us. According to the Department of Energy, the electricity reserve of the country is very thin and that any slight power disruption could cause brownouts (Lopez, 2014). There is a looming energy crisis this coming summer of 2015. This crisis is not caused by natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes or any other disaster, the energy supply is simply insufficient (Balea, 2014). The history of the power shortage in the Philippines can be traced back, since the time of the Marcos administration. Marcos had foreseen that in order to sustain the economic growth of the Philippines and to support its growing population, the government should be able to supply its energy and power demand. He ordered to build the Bataan nuclear power plant to cater to the future energy needs of the Philippines and also to decrease our dependence on imported…show more content…
There are many hydropower plants in the Philippines, and is still the most attractive renewable energy investment (Manibo, 2014). There are several dams, waterfalls and bodies of waters all around the country which could be a source of hydropower. In Mindanao almost 52% percent of their electricity requirements come from hydropower (Tacio, 2014). Recent studies from Climate Change and Clean Energy (CEnergy) Project show that there are several other hydropower sources in Mindanao that is just waiting to be tapped and funded in order to be

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