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Technology in general gets me excited. I like using the computer to learn more about the things that I study in school. I find using technology fun because it interesting and fascinating at the same time. There are different kind of careers that use technology as well as science, math, and engineering. Careers like Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Electrical Engineering use math, science, engineering, and technology. In order to qualify for these careers, you have to know math, science, engineering, and technology well. By studying those four things, we can be prepared for the mentioned engineering careers.

I like careers that focus in teaching, food, and helping make peoples’ lives easier. Adult Basic and Secondary Education
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Food Science Technicians perform standardized qualitative and quantitative tests to determine physical or chemical properties of food or beverage products.

Questions like What Is Food Engineering? Why do We Sweat? What is Potassium? stimulates my mind. I like learning about the science behind food, our body, and the environment. If I were made to choose between all the STEM related careers, I would choose teaching and Food Scientists and Technologists because I am interested in becoming a teacher. When you are a teacher, you can have a positive influence on a lot of people. You have the ability to inspire young children to become doctors and engineers. Knowing that I have helped someone become useful for our society gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I love helping people and I believe teaching is the best way to do it. The other careers that I would choose as an alternative is Food Scientists and Technologists because if I study that in college, I would learn more about agriculture and food in general which is something I enjoy
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