Essay On English As A Second Language

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Research Abstract There is no doubt that English is the most widespread languages in the world. As one out of every four people in the world can communicate in English. English language is the language major in international relations. It is the official language of about 85% of the world population. But should we teach the English language as a foreign language to our children before the age of six? And if we do, what would be the effect ? What is the harms ? Does that have an effect on their acquire of the mother language? This is the topic of my graduation research project. I have decided to search on this subject, investigate it and see what psychologists say in it. . Introduction Because the English language is spread in all areas, the number of people wishing to learn it is increasing day after day. The number of students who are learning English worldwide about one billion student ( Crystal Chrystal, 2003). You can't find a country in the world who do not teach English to children and students in schools and universities. The number of private institutes that offer intensive courses in English for non-native speakers is also increasing day after day. If we look at the number of private…show more content…
This is the age where children are developing and the brain is predisposed for success in language learning. Most people believe this age to be before puberty and it’s a time when children are more reliant on learning innately. Once puberty arrives learners tend to rely on more formal learning ‘skills' and ‘strategies’. This may lead to the apparent greater success of children when learning foreign languages, as compared to adults, but it may also be due other factors such as the fact that children have more time in school to spend on learning. It may also be that children have more exposure to English through television and the internet than
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