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1. Introduction
This paper is intended to demonstrate that the influence and spread of the English language in the world today is so high that English not only has the status of a widespread lingua franca, but can also be traded as a world language. First, the paper will be devoted to the definition of a lingua franca, then it will be shown in examples where English is used today as a lingua franca.
Furthermore, the question of whether English can even be considered as a world language is discussed. This is explained with pro and con arguments. Finally, all the facts are gathered together to draw a conclusion.
English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Since the colonization of the New World, the English language has spread to all continents. Due to the huge territory and the great influence of the British Empire in the 19th century and the rapid and great rise of the USA to a superpower in the 20th century, the English language
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In most countries of the world, English is taught as a mother tongue or second language and is firmly anchored in the classroom.
So it is only natural that the English language is often used in everyday situations. Globalization and multicultural influences in society mean that there is no getting around the idea of communicating in English. Especially if a visitor or tourist travels to another country and trying to get in touch with other people.
The concept of "English as a lingua franca" or short (ELF) has evolved as a type of communication and interaction in situations where English has helped people with different mother tongues to communicate properly with each other. Approximately one in four people in the world speaks English as their mother tongue, and most ELF interactions occur in situations where non-native speakers come into contact, such as during holidays, travel or work. (Crystal, 2003:no pages).


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