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The English Channel Tunnel or “The Chunnel” The English Channel Tunnel or as it is simply called “The Chunnel” at the time of its construction was the longest underwater tunnel in the world, second now to the Seikan Tunnel in Japan. The tunnel spans the length of the English Channel and then some. The underwater portion of the tunnel is over 23 miles and the full tunnel length from Folkenstone England to Collquelles France is just over 31 miles. This tunnel now serves as a safe and efficient way to transport goods and people across the English Channel. The category this project falls under is a heavy civil project, due to it featuring, tunnels, water, and a high speed railway, which are all key features of heavy civil projects. It seems unlikely that such a big project could be done without government funding, however that is exactly the case. England and France were both unopposed to the project, but were unwillingly to financially back the project. Both countries showed their support for the project in signing the Treaty of Canterbury. (Getlink) This left the funding and management of…show more content…
The idea for the English Channel Tunnel was actually first proposed in 1802, but the first groundbreaking of an underground tunnel was not attempted until 1880. This ultimately ended in failure, but laid the groundwork for entrepreneurs of later generations. The Chunnel in addition to people is also pet friendly and has had over “1.5 million” (Eurotunnel) pets travel through it. In addition to the furry friends traveling on occasion the Chunnel has been used to smuggle immigrants into England from Spain causing tension between the countries and increased security. Lastly, all of the dirt removed from the tunnels had to be placed somewhere. This dirt eventually ended up being dumped along British coastline to add an additional 90 acres to Britain which eventually became a park
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