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Why English now is a global lingua franca? Because English has developed over more than 1,400 years. Also the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom and the United States. After that by British colonial aggression, let English language to spread around the world faster.

British colonial history make English become the lingua franca. In the 16th century, Britain launched a colonial expansion. Britain is a maritime power, also colonial power. Colony success addition to the powerful force in the early conquest, the most important is the cultural domination at the later period. With the development of the colonial economy and society, people of the colonies begin to form local consciousness. Finally, most of that colony declared independence
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According to IBJ (2014, March 14), “In China, it has more than 300 million people are learning English in China, which is equivalent to one quarter of the population of country.”. Because of China 's business want to trade with foreign, so there are a lot of Chinese people want to cooperate to foreign companies. The China 's and foreign business development make the Chinese people and foreigners to learn each English. According to Scott Kennedy (2014), “If a foreign company did not speak English and came to the United States, they would be at a distinct disadvantage.”. So, I think if a China’s company go to foreign and does not speak English, they would be at a distinct disadvantage. Therefore, China 's business development can make both English development, thus China makes English language push.

English has become a global language can solve the problem of communication in most countries. According to Pike, C. (2013, April 8), “Knowing English is the most important step towards becoming a global citizen – a person that can live anywhere, thrive anywhere, and speak to anyone.”. You knowing English then you can develop your business or travel foreign country easily. If you do not understand the foreign language, you can talk with foreigner in English. Because English is a common language. Therefore, you can use English to speak to

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