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Every graduate wishes to get a job immediately to achieve what they desire in life and fulfil their responsibility towards the family. However, due to the current increase in the number of graduates facing problems to find themselves jobs recently, many researchers begin to find and determine the employability factors. It is important to know that to get employed, a graduate has to mentally and physically prepared to face the challenges at the workplace. This includes the needs to perform well in the job, having good bonding with the colleagues and employers and exploring more self-potentials and opportunities. Since most of the students do not have enough exposure to the real job market (Ali et. al., 2011), this research is one of the ways…show more content…
Although every graduate is having different level of English language competency, they still need to enhance their English language usage in daily life and practice it in their workplace. This is because English language competency is functional for the whole process of employment. It starts with the good impression during selection process (with good resume and convincing interview session), followed by the working activities and other self-development processes which required good level of English language competency. The competitive job hunting situation can be escaped if graduates know how to make use of English language competency to lift their value more than the…show more content…
However, we can hold on the conclusion that as long as the graduates have good skills and attributes (naturally and nurtured by the academic institutions) to contribute in industry, the unemployment should not be the result. For instance, having English language competency is applicable in all of work fields. Thus, they can still secure a job and survive in the career once they know how to apply English language competency on the right needs. This is important as the size and number of unemployment is one of the indicators to a country’s development which should be minimized (Shaharuddin,

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