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In this era of globalisation, the importance of English language should not be denied as it is the most common language used by people worldwide. English language has been playing a major role in many different sectors such as medicine, business, engineering, education and many others. As a developing country in Malaysia, the government has placed importance in ensuring that the students are improving their English language proficiency through the policy, To Uphold Bahasa Malaysia & To Strengthen The English Language (MBMMBI). According to the English Proficiency Index (2014), Malaysia is ranked at the 14th place compared to 63 countries. Therefore, in order to improve Malaysian students’ English language proficiency level, it is important to identify the factors that affect the students’ performance. In the past years, the topic of learning styles has been widely discussed among education experts, researchers and the academic community. As some may wonder, why most students are not able to become proficient in the English language even though they have received immense number of hours of instruction. According to Gilakjani (2011), students learn in various ways in order to efficiently absorb the information taught to them in…show more content…
However, most students are facing problems when they reach tertiary level of education as they do not receive sufficient knowledge on English language in primary and secondary school. Therefore, Malaysian educators should tackle the problems that the ESL students face since primary school. This study focuses on identifying the students’ preferred learning style. It is important for the students to know what their learning styles are, so that they could control their method of study and boost their self-confidence in learning. Thus, the students would be able to obtain and absorb information effectively without much assistance from

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