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1. The English Writing System Today English is a popular international language in the world. English writing system was brought by researchers and it is connected to our lives in many ways. Therefore, this article is going to talk about English writing system focusing specifically on English spelling. It starts with historical changes in the English writing system. Native countries are speaking English very well more than bilingual countries so there are problems of learning to write in English. Also there are relationships between spoken and written English. There are some investigations of written word which had got results that native people of English are better than people which are speaking English by learning. The children are learning…show more content…
In addition, irregularities in the English spelling and pronunciation started to increase ever than before in the history of English language. This makes English reading and writing more challenging to nonnative speakers of English when compared to other languages. For instance, there are just twenty six alphabets in English, but forty four phonetic sounds in the spoken language. The advantage of learning to read in a syllabic or alphabetic system is that a new word can be learnt easily. For example, morphemes retain the same form but in various instances like plurals whereas in most of the other languages they would be spelled the same way. It would be easier for nonnative speakers to learn English due to the regular and shallow orthography it contains which is more direct when compared to the deep orthographies. In the latter, pronunciations are difficult to acquire due to the correspondence between sound – spelling being indirect. Studies show that in the long run learners of English did well in terms of remembering the words and using them when compared to the students of other alphabetic

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