Essay On Entering Life As An Immigrant

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Nicole Ortega
Historical 144
1 February 2016
Professor Adams
Entering Life has an Immigrant Traveling alone Day 1,1914 Hot tired don’t know what’s going on, alone, and scared everyone that I knew had gotten separated from me. In the beginning of my journey I had my family for a while, but now I’m on my own now, traveling to Ellis Island, and it’s has been brutally difficult. by myself was life challenging.Coming into America as an immigrant changed my entire life. Since my family didn’t get
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The cold winter night in New York weren’t the best to live in. Living in New York by yourself was tough but with the job and little money I had earned with my job I got a “tenement” which was like a little room just shared by a few people I didn’t really know them but we meet working in the factories the “tenement”wasn’t that big but it was something and we needed a place to live. Having people live with you helped with the money paying it was difficult for the first couple months but it wasn’t easy for a lot of people. Walking to the factory, every morning seeing those still living on the streets made me realize that I was lucky to have job working in the factories because I was one of those who lived on the streets. Working in the factories was awful because children were dying people were getting hurt everyday, people were getting tortured if you didn 't do something right. When I worked in the factories the hours were long they were from morning to night we didn’t get have very many breaks if we did they were very short some didn’t get have any at all. Children were even working in this kind environment I was a little surprised to see them here they getting treated worse than some of the adults. I know that moving here was for the best I may not have the best job or the best home not mention I don 't have any
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