Yongchuan Culture

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Entertainment is one of the most important activities in human`s life. We are willing to introduce some famous entertainment and places to those foreigners who want to visit Yongchuan.
Here are several parts of entertainment that foreigners can do in Yongchuan, which includes DIY artificial-making, Karaokes, cinemas, escape rooms, bars, Internet bars, video games, even Laser Strike. The full name for DIY is “do it yourself”, which means artificial-making is a way that people can make artificial by themselves. During the making process, they can have fun and enjoy the artificial they made. In Yongchuan, there are some DIY cookie stores, they mostly spread in Yuxi (yu-she)square and Renmin (then-mean) square. Karaoke is a from of entertainment
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In China, there are many movies about history, comedy, action and romance. The action movies are the most popular one. Here are some different type of Chinese movies we recommend to watch:
The movies about history : “Farewell My Concubine”(bar wang be ji), “Jing ke pricks qin wang”(jean ke ci qing wang), “The Secret History of Concubine Yang”(young gui fei), and “The Flowers Of War” (jin lin shi san cai)
All the movies about history are very famous in China. The movies mostly talk about the history of China You can learn lots of knowledge and Chinese culture from the movies. Also you can understand the Chinese history.
The movies about comedy and romantic: “The Eagle Shooting Heroes”(dong chen xi jiu), “Almost Perfect” (shi quan jiu mei), “ROB-B-HOOD” (bao bee ji hua), “A Chinese Odyssey” (da hua she you)
Actors in Chinese comedy always act in a funny way. They use their body language and face to amuse audience. As for romantic movie, Chinese directors love to film the pure love in student period recent year which may recall the memory of audiences, especially the girls. So, comedy and romantic movies are the good choice for you when you want to

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