Essay On Entertainment Is Dependent On Technology

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Many people believe that entertainment is becoming more dependent on technology. We used to read news on newspapers, watch reality shows and write letters to send to each other, however, it is not any more. These days, we can easily find an interesting entertainment program on high-tech devices, such as reading news or books on online, watching football on television and sending e-mail to keep in touch. I am going to give an overview, contrasting views, examples and my personal views about how entertainment is dependent on technology.
First of all, we understand that entertainment is an activity or an action that keeps attention from audiences. There are countless number of entertaining sources, for instance, news, games, music and video. Most
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In addition, watching TV brings several negative effects to human being’s health risks, such as obesity. The possibility that people skip doing exercise to watch TV is quite high and pay too much attention on the entertainment. In our parents’ generation, they usually met each other or worked out to relax after a working day. Nowadays, a large amount of children got autism because of playing video game, chatting with online friends. Using computer for long time also have many negative effects to our eyes, for instance, there are many kids have to wear glasses, even when they have not gone to school yet. However, not all the information from the TV is absolutely correct, in fact, politicians sometimes use television to make citizens misunderstand about his or her aim or misdirection on purpose. Technology also effects in music, now everybody can be a singer; they sing and edit their song by high-tech music equipment; after that they post it on the internet and it can be popular. I believe that, in the 60s-90s music has the best quality without technology and always live long throughout many
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