Essay On Environment And Environment

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TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND The human need there will be no limit for when a need has been fulfilled other needs appear to be met. Therefore, human beings never ceases to create a new invention that can satisfy the human needs. Additionally, human life can not be separated from its surroundings. Both the natural environment and social environment. We need to breathe air from the surrounding environment. We eat, drink, health, the environment all require. The neighborhood is a combination of physical condition includes a state of natural resources such as soil, water, solar energy, minerals, flora and fauna that grows on land and in the oceans, with institutions that include the creation of man as a decision on how to use the physical environment such. The environment also can mean everything that is around humans that influence the development of human life, either directly or indirectly. Environment consists of biotic and abiotic components. Abiotic components are all inanimate, such as land, air, water, climate, humidity, light, sound. While the biotic component is everything animate like…show more content…
pelestraian environment have started digalakan by some people and even countries. Environmental protection are the components of the effort to preserve the environment and its inherent function and interactions that occur between these components. The big difference in function between the components and the utilization of the development, the preservation is not understood as a restricted use. But preservation should be understood as utilization attention to the function of each component and the interactions between the components of the environment and in the end, is expected to preservation of the environment will guarantee the existence of the individual components of the environment. With the assurance of existence, sustainable environment can be
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