Cambodia Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Analysis
Cambodia is focused on their environmental resources in order for it to develop. They rely on every resource they have in order to meet the people’s basic needs but they face many problems when it comes to managing the environmental resources. There are a lot of challenges including fortuitous events that people just can’t avoid. By solving a number of issues, Cambodia focused on making policies and development plans that focuses on improving the country even more when it comes to their environment. Cambodia needs to improve or find better leaders that can carry the country into a consistent development. The people in the country as a whole need to start opening their eyes and be aware of their situation in order to act
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They do not receive enough political attention and they are not provided with enough social service. In regards to energy resources, it is a high demand in Cambodia. But because of the destructive environment that Cambodia has, they have problems in sustaining these demands. Thus, resulting in higher and higher energy demands in the country as time passes. This is because the rich people mainly get all the attention and provided with the basic needs of people in the country. So this means all available resources mostly go to the people who can afford them leaving less or even nothing for the people who can’t afford them. For the development of the country’s environmental state, the country needs to focus on managing their resources whether on land or water. They need to make necessary action in order to solve land ownership issues, pollution, and availability of resources. Cambodia declared that their main issues were forest cover reductions, untreated water resources, and pollution management. Even faced with all these issues, Cambodia is still considered rich when it comes to their environmental resources. They just need to manage it properly in order to maintain these…show more content…
Unmanageable Poverty
2. Challenge in Economic Development
3. Health Problems

Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) Structure ( )

This government agency develops different policies that aim to develop or sustain the environmental resources that Cambodia has. This includes -

“the development of policies, environmental planning, and other legal instruments that are necessary for sustainable development in coordination with inter-ministries, international organizations, non-government organizations, and private and public sectors.” -
They also help spread the awareness of the issues in the country environmentally speaking. They encourage the public to help one another to develop their very own country.

“The Ministry of Environment has the following critical functions:
-collecting and collating related data/information about water quality at public water areas as well as pollution sources;
-assessing the status of water environment and natural resources (current status and future trend in), based on existing data/information;
-preparing specific legislation for environmental protection and natural resources
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