Essay On Environmental Auditing

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Human development over time has been creating adverse effects on the biophysical environment and as a result they have been coming up with tools to help minimize these effects whilst being still able to develop. Amongst these tools is environmental auditing which is a term that reflects upon a plethora of evaluations against activities that could potentially destruct an environment naturally, socially or economic over standards and regulations that have been set (ICC, 1989). In South Africa, environmental audits were recognised in 1989 by the ESKOM that undertook it and encouraged other companies to think about it. It has thus since been used to check compliance with the environment. There are various types of environmental auditing like acquisition, compliance, waste disposal, water, peer view audit(s) to mention a few.
The first type of environmental auditing is Sustainability Auditing and Corporate Social Responsibility. This is considered a social type of environmental auditing that is aimed at producing
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This is basically a team that makes up the environmental audit and each of them have specific roles of responsibility to ensure that whatever type of audit is being carried out is effective. This includes the lead auditor, auditor, client and technical expert to mention a few .
In a synopsis, there are many environmental auditing types but this essay looked into five of them in relation to social, economic and biophysical environment. It looked into waste management auditing, environmental assessment, environmental management and Sustainability Auditing and Corporate Social Responsibility and roles, responsibilities and activities. It has shown how these types of environmental auditing help to manage and monitor the environment. In all this the biophysical environment is the sole importance of all developmental projects since every other sector of life is dependent on
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