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The main focus of education is to control human attitude or behavior in a good manner. Countries all over the world introduce educational system because they want to bring up citizens who will behave in some desirable ways. In education, most of the desired attitudes are sharply defined. Such as skills in making a good mathematical calculation and in reading as well. Other desired behavior can be more deeper and useful in making a successful consumerism, production employment and a responsible citizenship (Harold, et al., 2006).
In response to the myriad environmental challenges, united nations conference on the human environment which took place in Stockholm in 1972 advice all nations of the world to introduce environmental education in their school curricula at all level of education. The
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And the environmental conservation education has to do with the natural world in a total different way from nature study. It based on different scientific training instead of natural history. It was a great deal of scientific management and planning tool that assisted in solving social, economic and environmental problems during this period. Publications and writings as well set an important history for Environmental Education. From Emerson’s nature, to Thoreau’s Walden, one can trace the developing concerns regarding human interaction and connection with nature. The discourse continued in the writing and general speaking of renowned naturalists and writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century such as John Muir (1838-1914), and Aldo Leopold (1887-19948). It happens that much of what was written, discussed and actually concluded primarily took the forms of reference conservation and habitat preservation instead of environmental quality, environmental awareness and environmental literacy that are the main concerns of today (UNEP,

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