Unavoidable Environmental Effect

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Introduction The animals living on Earth currently has been evolved to survive best in the environment that they are living on now. However, due to the massive change that humans have brought upon the environment, many animals are failing to fit in the new environment and being endangered or even extinct.


Causes of environmental Damage

The applications of technology often result in unavoidable environmental impacts, which according to the I=PAT equation is measured as resource use or pollution generated per unit GDP. Environmental impacts caused by the application of technology are often perceived as unavoidable for several reasons. First, given that the purpose of many technologies is to exploit, control, or otherwise
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Ultimately, the environmental impact depends on the production practices of the system used by farmers. The connection between emissions into the environment and the farming system is indirect, as it also depends on other climate variables such as rainfall and temperature.
There are two types of indicators of environmental impact: "means-based", which is based on the farmer's production methods, and "effect-based", which is the impact that farming methods have on the farming system or on emissions to the environment. An example of a means-based indicator would be the quality of groundwater, that is affected by the amount of nitrogen applied to the soil. An indicator reflecting the loss of nitrate to groundwater would be effect-based.[1]
The environmental impact of agriculture involves a variety of factors from the soil, to water, the air, animal and soil diversity, people, plants, and the food itself. Some of the environmental issues that are related to agriculture are climate change, deforestation, genetic engineering, irrigation problems, pollutants, soil degradation, and
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In this way, the world will continue to have a rise in carbon dioxide level, even the level of carbon dioxide shows the trend of increase. As carbon dioxide is an greenhouse gas, which traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. This results in rise of Earth’s rise in temperature every year. This process is known as global warming and can cause a serious impact on the world’s ecosystem. The Earth’s ecosystem is delicate and even small change in temperature can cause the whole system to fail. The ecosystem has not failed now, but if the carbon dioxide emission continue, it may in the near
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