Essay On Environmental Issues

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Environmental issues began to be discussed and debated only towards the end of the 20th century. Since then significant amount of literature has been penned down raising awareness about issues of pollution, deforestation, animal rights and several others however it has failed to result in major changes, ideas or even actions to save the environment. Several species of animals have become extinct; pollution level is at an all-time high, global warming is leading to severe climate changes all across the globe but these problems do not seem to alarm the decision makers.
Leydier & Martin (2013) also states that, “despite the increasing expression of concern in political and media debates about issues such as climate change, pollution and threats
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Trees and animals are worshipped in several religions. The Bishnois community in Rajasthan that dates back to the 15th century can be considered as the first environmentalist of India. Their guru Jambheshwar made it compulsory for them to ‘not cut green trees’ and ‘be compassionate to all living beings’. He preached that environment is the vital source to human survival. Centuries later it was only after the Chipko movement (1973) in Garhwal region in the state of Uttaranchal that environmental protests and activism gained momentum and the larger issues of forests, building dams, mining, pollution were being taken up by the activists and also the state became more conscious regarding these…show more content…
They share certain features, such as democratic values and decentralized decision making, with social movements operating in India. The environmental movements are slowly progressing toward defining a model of development to replace the current resource-intensive one that has created severe ecological instability”(p.
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