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The unique, exotic and extreme environments has drawn great attention in the aspects of environmental microbiology. It is the rare, revered areas where the extraordinary microbes gain the popularity in means of science, technology and commercial potential. Ecosystem services emerge from these systems providing the world with the most unique microbes and products as science discovers and better understands the way these extreme organisms develop strategies to live in such bizarre extreme habitats and the way they have adapted their metabolic pathways containing the most unique products. In this assay the different extremophile applications in the world will be depicted showing how the discoveries of environmental microbiologists set a wide range of beneficial and valuable microbes, including…show more content…
These enzymes are important in fabric industries by softening and fading fabric. Further proteases and amylases are important in detergent (especially from the Bacillus sp) and leather industries. Microbial alkaline proteases. Alkaline proteases can hydrolyze proteins from plants, animals and fish, to make hydrolysates of well-defined peptide profile with high nutritional value. (Fujinami and Fujisawa 2010)
Environmental Microbiology, an applied field in which we attempt to improve the environment and benefit society. Entering into many disciplines including Aeromicrobiology, Aquatic Microbiology, Water Quality, Biotechnology, Diagnostic Microbiology, Occupational Health/Infection Control, Food Safety, Industrial Microbiology, Hazardous Waste/ Bioremediation, and Soil Microbiology and thus influencing all aspects of life. Exploration of new habitats, especially the extreme ones, would engender new possibilities widening the scope for their application and generating novel and yet to discover value based

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