Essay On Environmental Pollution In Pakistan

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Technical Report On Environmental Pollution Submitted To: Ma’am Muqadsa Submitted By: Hamna Javed Roll#11021556-049 Govt. College Women University Sialkot Abstract Poor natural resource management over many years and continuing high population growth have had a negative impact on Pakistan 's environment. Environmental problem in Pakistan are growing fast and it’s affected on health. It affects all the big and small cities of Pakistan. There are only a handful of people who are seriously concerned about it. Therefore, the problem is stepping up day by day. As a result of which Pakistan is losing its natural environment. The disaster of pollution is currently seen in the whole…show more content…
There are many environmental problems in Pakistan that are causing Pakistan big time. The population of Pakistan is increasing rabidly with the passage of time. If the population of Pakistan was one million at the time of independence most probably it would be around 300 million at the end of 21 century which will be more than American population. Floods will be common that would be harmful for Pakistan moreover the first surface of earth would be flown with flood and land will be barren and water under the earth will be polluted. Pakistan has limited sources but still it has to resolve the pollution or environmental problems at priority…show more content…
Water is need of every living thing on the earth in other words it is not possible to live without water. Pakistan, which depends heavily on the Indus River system, is a water-stressed country. That is, most of the surface and groundwater resources are nearly fully exploited or polluted. Water allocations among Pakistanis are highly inequitable. Figure 3 provides data on the past and anticipated per capita water supply in Pakistan; the illustration shows the unclean availability of water which affects both human health and all living

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