Essay On Environmental Pollution

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‘Plastic in our oceans is the most dangerous form of pollution.’ To what Extent do you Agree More than 4.8 million metric tons of plastic is being dumped into our oceans every year, and this number is just a conservative estimate. Researchers believe the real amount could be as high as 12.7 million metric tons! This number was calculated by the UC Santa Barbara National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, and they hope to get a better understanding of where all the oceans’ trash comes from. Green Peace quoted that the ‘oceans are slowly turning into a plastic soup’. It is thought that 100,000 marine creatures die a year from plastic entanglement, most of these being birds who get their beaks or feet caught in plastic, or swallowing bits of plastic that look like sea creatures i.e. jellyfish or octopus. 700 suspected animal species will go extinct by the year 2020, and over 90% of ALL seabirds have pieces of plastic in their stomach… (Source of Info: Greenpeace and Plastic Oceans and UC Santa Barbara) However, these statistics aren’t as bad as other types of pollution such as global warming which kills roughly 150,000 per year as opposed to 100k. Does this mean we should focus more on bigger problems such as global warming? Although much research is being done into preventing both, I still think that plastic is the biggest problem of all since the Earth is 90% water, and as humans we rely mostly on water to live. So, if our water is being filled up with plastic
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