Essay On Environmental Pollution

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1.1. Statement of the Problem The environmental pollution represents a serious problem facing the societies all over the world. Water pollution due to release of industrial wastewater has already become a serious environmental problem. It is a major source of concern and a priority for most of industrial sectors. In addition solid wastes resulted from agricultural sectors causes high disposal problems. For that stringent regulations are issued all over the world to control the discharged of solid and liquid wastes. Egypt faces a big environmental problem resulted from the discharging of a huge amount of industrial wastewater and the accumulation of agricultural solid wastes, both represent a negative environmental impact. With increasing environmental awareness, strict regulations are issued in Egypt to protect the environment and natural resources and to control the discharge of industrial wastewater such as law 48/1982 (article 66) and its modification [1], which deals with the maximum allowable limits for the discharge of industrial wastewater into water courses. Dyes are used in dyeing of many industries such as, textile, leather, plastic, cosmetics and food industries to color their products. The quality of the discharged water is greatly influenced by the color, which is visible and undesired. These industries are discharged their residual which cause environmentally problems. These effluents are toxic to aquatic life. The dyes upset the biological activity in
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