Essay On Environmental Problems In Gambia

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Introduction The point of this essay is to evaluate if the environment is effected by the poor or not. Various environmental issues such as water pollution, deforestation and poor sanitation systems will be explained, and how such problems could potentially affect the poor and how the poor could possibly be contributing to these environmental problems. There are many different environmental issues in many different countries all around the world. Gambia faces environmental issues such as; water pollution, the decline in animal populations, soil erosion, deforestation and unsanitary water supplies. Gambia has a high percentage of poverty, many of which are without sufficient housing and jobs. For people that have no access to housing, well consturcted disposing methods and sanitary systems, brings about a higher chance of the poor adding to environmental problems, rather than helping to sustain the environment. Are the poor victims or agents of environmental problems? Agents The poor…show more content…
In a country where there may be a lack of proper disposal methods, businesses and factories may end up using rivers and the sea to dump their toxic waste. Toxic waste including harmful chemicals and metals. Not only could factories dispose of waste into rivers and the sea, but while they are manufacturing, they will emit toxic fumes into the air. As people living in poverty tend to live on the outskirts of towns and cities, they are more likely to feel the effects of these toxic fumes. Greenhouse gasses if inhaled, can effect children and women. Children’s lungs aren’t quite fully developed and the toxic gasses could affect women’s reproductive systems and fertility. Since women would not be able to fall pregnant, birth rates will drop and death rates will rise as excessive inhaling of toxic fumes can be extremely hazardous. With the release of greenhouse gasses, brings along climate

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