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Environmental sanitation refers to efforts, activities or practices aimed at ensuring healthful, hygienic and pleasant physical environment in all human settlements towards the promotion of social, economic and physical well-being of all sections of the population (Government of Ghana, 1999; Federal Government of Nigeria {FGN}, 2005; IRC, 2006). Thus, the reason for its adoption in promotion of human and environmental health (FGN, 2005) is not far-fetched. Also, the public health concern of environmental sanitation has made its integral position in environmental planning undisputable. Environmental sanitation is of different components which are considered as part of wellness approach to life (Jamison, 1993). These components include water supply, excreta and wastewater disposal, solid waste disposal and disposal of the dead (corpses and carcasses). Disposal of the dead is a recognised integral component of environmental sanitation in Africa (Government of Ghana, 2010; FGN, 2005; Republic of Sundan, 2010). This is due to inevitability of death for all living things, both human and non-human, in every clime. Disposal of the dead, therefore, is a dictate of…show more content…
This is an aspect of human life which has been a subject of extensive discussions in many academic disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, theology, anthropology and sociology. Corpses are usually buried or cremated (Guttman, Watson and Miller, 2011) depending on the prevailing cultural practice. Cremation is a method of cadaver disposal through which the dead body is reduced to bone, ashes and fragments using intense heat (Auger 2000). Iserson (1995) opined that despite the fact that cremation will render any remains non-infectious, special equipment and large quantities of fuel are required to achieve high enough temperatures (about 650 °C) for sufficient lengths of time (usually 2.5–3 hours) for complete burning. Thus, cremation is less practical than

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