Essay On Epic Heroes

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Epic heroes have traits such as being of noble birth, superhuman strength, and courage. A quintessential epic hero is Beowulf. He possesses strength, courage, and loyalty. Though not all heroes are epic, fictional, godlike creatures. Heroes are common and in large numbers. Police officers are modern day heroes that are loyal, selfless, and courageous. That shiny badge fastened on a police officer’s uniform is more than just an ornament. It is an emblem of loyalty. An officer promises their loyalty when they raise their right hand while pledging to adhere to the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor. It is their duty to not betray their profession, integrity, character, or the public trust. Whether it be protecting the community they serve, or upholding…show more content…
Citizens are often put off by the piercing sirens, and the blazing red and blue flashing lights. What needs to be understood, however, is law and order is necessary for maintaining peace. Without the selfless work of police, anarchy would sweep the nation like an epidemic. Despite the fact that their service is too often taken for granted, they still put on their blue threads one leg at a time knowing their life is on the line. The job of serving and protecting others is a perilous one. The courage police officers possess is far beyond what most people could only dream of having. Most would be tremble with fear if they were to perform the tasks of an officer. Having to face the icy stares of the doers of heinous crimes, arrest dangerous criminals, and go into gunfire at any given moment are just a few of the courageous acts they may do. It takes nerves of steel, fibers of pure bravery, to do what a police officer does in a day. Police officers are modern heroes with similar qualities to that of epic ones, such as loyalty, selflessness, and courage. When someone pictures a hero, flashes of comic book pages and flickers of Hollywood movie franchises may come to mind. The imperative truth is, everyone has local heroes protecting them, and they do not wear
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