Wax Epilation Advantages And Disadvantages

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Epilation is a popular service that almost all beauty salons offer. There are many types of cosmetic hair removal at the moment, but the leading positions are occupied by sugaring and waxing. Considering the features of your skin, your threshold for pain and the necessary period of restoration after the procedure, what would be the best choice for you?

Why Are Sugar and Wax so Popular?

Among all the types of hair removal that are currently being offered, it is the sugar and wax ones that are among the safest and, therefore, the most common methods. Others either do not produce a quality result or have a huge number of contraindications.

We must say that both waxing and sugaring hair removal work according to one principle: the material is
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With wax epilation, everything happens the other way around: the material is applied to the hair growth and the removal occurs in the opposite direction. Because of this, the hairs may start to grow in the wrong direction, and this often leads to unpleasant consequences: ingrowth, inflammation, redness, itching, irritation, etc.

Sugaring: 5 Advantages

What are the advantages of sugaring in comparison to wax epilation?

1) Without going into the technical details, the main ones are minimal redness and minimal irritation on the skin. If, after wax epilation, the skin recovers within about 24 hours, 2-4 hours are quite enough after sugaring - you can go to the shower, bath, sauna, solarium without any restrictions. And the appearance of the skin is restored very quickly.

2) Sugar hair removal also does not lead to ingrown hairs. To argue that this can be avoided with a 100% guarantee would not be correct however: competent care must be taken by the client at home in order for this not to happen.

3) An undoubted plus is the less painful procedure itself. This is because the cells of the epidermis are not damaged and the hairs are removed in the direction of their natural

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