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Epistemology aspect of writing The word epistemology comes from the Greek words “episteme” means knowledge or understanding and “logia” means science or study. Generally, in philosophy, epistemology is the study of knowledge. It deals with the nature of knowledge. It is concerned with the following questions: how do we know things, what do we know, why we know, is what we know true, and what are the limits of knowledge? Knowledge is justified true belief. It means that the person must be able to justify the claim, the claim itself must be true and the person must believe in it. To justify belief, it is done by using evidence. This evidence must be of good quality and be logical and reasonable. There are several general accepted types of epistemology or ways we gain knowledge such as authority (expert or someone in authority provide knowledge), faith (accept knowledge with no evidence to back it up for example holly book revelation), intuition (knowledge with no conscious reason for knowing which comes from internal), common sense (externally obtain plausible knowledge), rationalism…show more content…
Empiricism had been used in his fieldwork study. Although ethnography is used in order to get the in depth information from the field of study, but the empiricism epistemology had been included as well. It functions as to gains the knowledge of the society of the tribe Kenyah about the location of the habitants, the Kenyah villages, the extra- and intra-village organization, the long house structure, the household, the field house, co-operative labour group, social stratification and also kinship and marriage. This knowledge had been gained by the five senses of the researcher when he is doing ethnographic research study and the details of the information are from the informants’
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