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It is a group of similar cells that have the same functions in human body. Tissues outcomes in the formation of organs made primarily of tissues. (Cinnamon L. , 2)
The epithelial tissue’s function is to secret substance, prevent, cover and line ultimately all of the body’s cavities and surface. (Cinnamon L. , 71, 72)
Connective tissue is known to bind, support, and separate other organs and tissues. There are five kinds of connective tissue which are cartilage, bone, blood and loose and dense connective tissue. These kinds are in charge of supply of nerves and vascularization and nourishing the body with nutrients. There are two fibers found in this tissue called (elastic and reticular fibers) that located in places like the ear. collagen may be found in connective tissue and the bones and that provides structure and support. (Cinnamon L. , 80)
The function of muscular tissue is contracting and producing movement. Moreover, the muscle tissue controls posture, body temperature and supports soft tissues.
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Simple epithelial tissue contains one single layer. Stratified epithelium contains average two or more cellular layers. Pseudostratified epithelial tissue visually contains several layers only consists of a solitary layer.
The squamous, cuboidal and columnar epithelium have distinctive cell shapes. The columnar epithelial cell is rectangular which is tall sides in length but shorts sides in width. Squamous cell is smooth, erratically and unevely formed. cuboidal epithlial cell is shaped similar to small cubes. yes, it is. Stratified squamous cell changes to a flatter figure which is creating a smooth barrier on the skin 's outermost layer. Simple squamous epithelium is thin and flat figures which helps making the diffusion process between the blood and air more efficient. Simple columnar epithelium (tal, thin cells) produce enzymes. Simple cuboidal epithelium (cubelike cells) carry out active

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