Essay On Equal Rights Movement

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I am 16 years old and I work in the fields to supply money for my family. We have had our tough times as a family, we had to migrate to the United States to find better opportunities. Taking parts of Mexico, the United States affirmed to negotiate with Mexico. Due to the Treaty of Mexico and the United States, it was said that Mexican Americans would have equality in the United States. Once we came to California in 1948, I noticed many had the same idea in coming to the United States based on the treaty. When we arrived to California we realized that it was all a big lie. We were inferior to actual citizens. Discrimination and unfairness also played a role in the labor force. It was to the same extent as the African Americans treatment. This…show more content…
The Board of Education in 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that Hispanics had equal rights and protection under the 14th amendment. It also prohibited segregation. We did not fight for this achievement alone,with the help African American community involvement that the Equal Rights Movement was…show more content…
At the time there was no respect towards colored people. The birth of stereotypes and discrimination came in and was placed in society. And in that situation I faced my biggest battle yet. I had to adjust from living in my land and culture to a new place with terrible working conditions.

The sun rose and as usual I woke up, I put on my working boots and headed to the field. On my way there I saw women, children, and elderly ready for another day in the heat. With a very low pay and high expectation towards the workers. It is hard to be in my situation because I can hardly provide my family with a meal. As I walked into the field and continued my daily routine of picking harvest, I noticed numerous amounts of individuals that were sick and tired of exploitation for so little. With a pay of $0.90 per hour I could only provide my family with small amount of
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