Equality And Diversity Officer Essay

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From a very young age, I have always had my eye set on helping the disadvantaged or the unfortunate, and for this reason being an Equality and Diversity Officer seems like the perfect job for me. An Equality and Diversity officer helps promote good relations and practices for different minority groups. They cover different equality related fields such as- age, gender, disability, economic background, race, religion or sexual orientation. People in this field work in many areas such as the community, the local work place, universities, schools, social welfare organizations and many more. Some of the responsibilities of the job include- running training sessions, promoting and applying different diversity initiatives, raising awareness in different…show more content…
The first being having some experience with HR. Although this is asked for very rarely, I hope to increase my knowledge in HR by taking a small 3 week course in the summer. I also plan on reading as much as I can on the topic from the university’s library to gain more knowledge. Another skill that I lack having complete knowledge about the law. Having a little knowledge about the law and some laws that are in the country is not going to work and while this job doesn’t necessarily ask for a degree, having knowledge about the law is very important. For this also I plan on taking a small course on law and morality which is a 8 weeks course in the United States. A small course in Equality and diversity will also help me in broadening my mind and gaining more knowledge in the field which will give me more experience. I plan on doing an intership in this summer that will help me gain more experience in event planning which in turn should help me awareness campaigns at work. I also plan on challenging myself in doing research within a strict amount of time. This will help me in getting to know about issues that will be relevant at that point of time. A course called “An Introduction to the research process” is provided to the university which will help me immensely in improving my research abilities. I plan on gaining as much knowledge as I can that will help me
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