Mary Wollstonecraft Equality Of Women

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Born in London, Mary Wollstonecraft was an English author who advocated for the equality of women. She was born in a family of seven where her father used to bully his wife, Mary’s mother (Wollstonecraft, Todd & Rees-Mogg, 1989). While working as a translator, she wrote a book titled ’A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ which advocated for the equality of women. The main agenda of her book was educational reforms, mostly giving women access to the same education opportunity as men. Later she left for Paris and met an American captain by the name Captain Gilbert Imlay. They had a daughter together whom they named Fanny, after Mary’s best friend. It was at this time while nursing her daughter she wrote a book about the French Revolution. She attempted to commit suicide by drowning herself after Imlay left her. Mary recovered from the heartbreak and found a new hope in a relationship with William Godwin. Godwin was the founder of philosophical anarchism. Their marriage was brief and Mary died pregnancy complications. They also had a daughter whom they named Mary after…show more content…
Major changes have been made to attain this level of equality. Today most countries are working hard to empower women by providing equal access to resources and participation in the society. Organizations too have been created to foresee that this equality exercise is followed to the letter. Violence against women has also been a great debate topic for activists all over the world. Mistreatment and domestic violence against married women has caught the attention of the international community. Domestic violence against women has received significant legal justice and attention. Rape which is a form of domestic violence against women in some cultures today is viewed as a crime against the honour of the family. Such acts of domestic violence are punishable by the law and can lead to hanging or life
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