Essay On Ernie's Lunchroom Murder

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Ernie’s lunchroom murder Earl Fannin, a mobster, was found shot dead in Ernie’s Diner, on April 24th, 1955 12:45 p.m. The shooter had known the victim. They had been sitting eating dinner after their hard mischievous work. There was a lot physical evidence when we walked into the cafe. For example, a right hand print was in the wall above the water bucket Ernie used to mop, seat C’s silverware was on the left, but the other plates’ silverware were on the right. Checks B, C and D added up to be $8.75, which was what the register was rung up for. Customer A starting running after the gun was shot. Customer A had just got there with his food. Ernie ran from the cash register to the back of the room. Seat B is closest to Fannin’s body, perfect
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