Ethical Issues In Cosmetics Essay

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Ethical issues in Cosmetic Industry Makeup was used by woman thousand years ago. Women of Ancient Egypt used cosmetics to decorate their looks with use of oils and eyeliners. They were mystified by the discovery that this make-up not only made them look beautiful but also prevented them from bacterial infection due to the content of mild toxic. These qualities of the cosmetic an allure were the Egyptian women couldn’t resist using it. Later it spread across Rome and Greece, were the cosmetics was only used by ruling classes. Unfortunately usage of cosmetics became unnecessary and waste of money. Later in 19th century ladies presented themselves beautiful by utilization of make-up and clothing. Industrialization brought advancement in technology, medicine and chemistry which enabled a greater change in the formation of the cosmetics. The modern cosmetic…show more content…
Animal excretions and body parts are used in many cosmetic products which are sold on high street. Animals excretions like crushed beetle used in bright lipsticks, fish scales found in nail varnishes and shampoo to give a shinny look in the sunshine. The lists of excretion are added into some of the beauty products which makes the skin crawl. Even the natural hair brush is made of goats and squirrels hair the bristles give good coverage. By educating the consumers towards the cruelty of animal people tend to buy cruelty-free products and also be aware about the ingredients used in the cosmetics before using the products. The ban on animal tested ingredients reflects the difficulties in setting up ethical rules in business world today. The cosmetic industry requires high health regulation to ensure product safety to the consumers. The ethical dilemma seems to be resolved by banning the testing the problems of human cosmetic on the animals. However the real difficulty is that ensuring both the safety of these animals in the lab and the safety of the

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