Essay On Ethical Issues In Military

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There are many things in this world these days that are entirely unethical and have strayed so far off course that they are just unbelievable. The US military is a prime example of and idea getting derailed and turned so in humane. Many soldiers and recruits in the US military are brutally assaulted by their superiors or other colleagues. Evidence has shown that a multitude of recruits have dropped out over the past 20 years, with each year gaining in drop-outs. The US military is no longer about fighting for freedom, and the fact that many young men are losing their lives over a false cause every year needs to be attended to. The media is forbidden to talk about the US Army in a negative way without harsh and unfair punishment by the US government. The population is blind to the…show more content…
There have been multiple cases where 0soldiers of the military have made harsh our realistic comments about the flaws in the military and government and been taken to court over it. This is a complete violation of our freedom of speech, if we find something we don 't approve of, we should have the right to speak publicly about it. A fairly famous case was in April of 2012, Sgt. Gary Stein was discharged for speaking publicly against President Obama and other Commanding Officers for misusing their powers and creating outrages and pointless issues with other countries. Gary Stein was not only discharged, but he was also no longer allowed to work in the US Military or in any business ran by the Federal Government. Stein later issued a preliminary injunction to stop the tribunal 's process for discharging him over the comments, but he was immediately denied. Stein is one of the first victims of this that went public, however it happens more often than you would believe. This is a prime demonstration of how twisted and wrong the US Military has
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