Ethical Issues In Nursing Practice

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6. Bill of Rights: This topic is taken from module 6.1 of BMN03 of the Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice. It is all about human rights and dignity, that is the patient’s bill of rights, the eight key areas in the bill of rights, the major goals, and uses of the bill of rights, freedoms to be given to the patient, then the evidence-based report on the relationship between ethics and rights.
6.1 Personal context: Personally the patient’s bill of rights includes the laydown guideline that ensures patients are protected and get accurate information, fair treatment and autonomy over medical decisions with other rights and it is formed on the basis of ‘’RIGHT TO LIFE”. It works to meet patients’ needs and at the same time respecting their rights.
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The nurses should conversant with the patient’s bill of rights and apply them in practice to protect themselves and patients too.
7. Understanding Ethical Dilemma: The topic is taken from module 7.1 of BMN03 of the Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice. The topic deals with the ethical dilemmas that nurses encounter daily in the practice of their profession, origin of ethical issues, types of ethical dilemma, common ethical dilemmas faced by nurses every day, decision-making model in ethical issues, and lastly scenarios of ethical issues with examples.
7.1 Personal context: Dilemma occurs when one is faced with a situation where one is to choose between unsatisfactory equal alternatives. Nurses are faced with some ethical dilemmas on daily bases such as pro-choice versus pro-life issue, freedom versus control of patient, truth telling versus deception, distribution of limited resources, and empirical knowledge versus personal belief in nursing
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Even in the case of a colleague, it is said that staying silent ‘’protects” our colleagues should not be encouraged, as silence only maintains the disease.
7.4 Current research: Recently, it is said that ethics are a personal matter as everyone has an individual concept of what is good and what is evil. The nurses, in performing their various roles irrespective of their area of practice, encounter ethical dilemmas, and make some ethical decisions that has impacts on both nurses and their patients.
8. Personal Moral Beliefs and Values: This is taken from module 8.2 of BMN03 of the Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice. This topic deals with the following – values, characteristics, sources and kinds value, values of nursing, value clarification and influence of values. Also moral, foundation of moral competence, comparison of moral and ethics, moral distress, moral beliefs and values in nursing.
8.1 Personal context: Individuals have their own values and personal beliefs which were developed in various stages of life. Nurses should be aware of this and not impose their own ideas on clients, but be ready to embrace the professional values of their
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