Essay On Ethical Leadership

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What is Ethical Leadership some may ask. It is leadership that shows through the actions of having respect for ethical beliefs and values, and for the dignity and rights of others. Ethics is associated with the morals and values an individual finds desirable. It is a philosophical term originating from Greek word “ethos” meaning custom or character.
While in the United States Marine Corps, the definition of ethics in an organizational setting was as follows: “Ethics”, in an organizational context, comprises a set of behavioral standards, expressed as norms, principles, procedural guides, or rules of behavior, defining what is appropriate (right) and inappropriate(wrong). Grounded in a system of values and moral principles, these behavioral
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Must employees will notice, criticized, or even emulated the moral failures of their leaders. If we look at our world history, it is filled with examples of how competent leaders have failed from ancient times to modern times. Periodically, we read about unethical behavior in some type of media outlet. Which often corrupts the public’s trust in the leader’s company or agency, then it brings the individual leader into question. What is Moral Leadership? Moral leader is someone who leads to serve. He or she could be someone who leads through persuasion, motivation, self-awareness, and the most important of all: serving people. A terrific example of a moral leader is Nelson Mandela who persuades the hearts of many promotes civil rights despite spending 27 years in jail. His determination to promote equal rights in South Africa proved to be a great success which eventually turned him into an iconic figure.
To be a moral leader, you have morality. Morality is known as knowing the difference between right and wrong. For example, if there is a group project for a construction company, the leader would make sure the measurements are done precisely, and not just estimates. Moral leaders make sure things are done right no matter what it takes. They will be persuasive if they need to be, to take care of the needs at
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