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If we think about the meaning of being an ethical person, some may say that to be ethical means that a person can recognize or even identify what is right from wrong and always follows what heshe thinks is right. While the idea of an ethical person being someone who understands the difference between the right and wrong can be a good definition, I think that it is not always the case since people tend to regard something as right when it is not the right thing to do at all. In my opinion, I believe that an ethical person is someone who follows the laws and ethical principles always; heshe is someone who always chooses (based on standard principles) what has always been right. Taking the context of a workplace as an example, a…show more content…
Furthermore, if the employee has a family the situation will be more complicated since the employee is being pushed and needs to choose between losing his job or to secure his job for his family requirement. This thing goes to the failing student. While we are outside this situation we can easily see what we can do with logical explanation, but if we put ourselves on the student place, I believe that many students will choosing between funs and force you into studying courses that might not that much interesting. Students tend to give high importance to the short term things like having fun rather than a long term such as studying to build their…show more content…
While these hurdle and situations may let us choose ways sometimes, there are a huge impact on our lives depends on whatever choice we make, we must always think about the right choice which of course gives us best results at the end. Some people think that choosing the right things only risk us, in my opinion I think that we are being impatient. We have keep track of being ethical as long as we can, which of course will be useful for us and we will benefit from

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