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The Code of professional conduct and ethics guide the nurses in their day-to-day practice to understand their professional responsibilities in caring for patients in a safe, ethical and effective way (NMBI). Although many types of errors can and do occur in the healthcare setting, according to medical protection Ireland most of the medication errors can be avoided by simple checking procedures and clear, open communication (reference). Several ethical issues may arise as a result of medication errors such as harm to patients, whether to disclose the error, erosion of trust, and impact on quality care (ref). The concept of consent arises from the ethical principle of patient autonomy and basic human rights (ref) Patient 's has all the freedom to…show more content…
With regard to this case study, I felt that all the above points should be addressed in Suzan’s clinical management. Reflective practice is undoubtedly an important concept in nursing to think about to reduce the possibility of errors in the future practice. The day that Ms. Suzan received the double dose of Omniplaque drink, I went back through the chart and realized that this medication could make more harm to her kidney as well as liver. So I contacted the doctor immediately to do the needful at the earliest for Ms. Suzan to avoid further damage. Medical errors are not typically caused by a negligent or incompetent healthcare professional; instead, they are often the result of a breakdown in processes that guide the delivery of patient care (Bonney, 2014). It can happen any competent, careful, and caring healthcare staff, but variances in the usual process of care set up a situation for error. By understanding the ethical principles related to medical errors can help a health care professional to shape a culture of safety for the prevention of medical errors (Bonney, 2014). Concepts of autonomy and right to self-determination acknowledge patients’ rights to make their own choices and to take actions

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