Ethics Of Animal Testing

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What are the ethics of animal testing?

What is animal testing?:
This is a phrase people have used for a very long, so animal testing refers to the experimentation carried out on living animals. Animal testing have been used throughout the history of biomedical research.
The animals used includes “dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, chimpanzees, and more”. The majority of animals being tested in labs (over 90 percent) are rats, mice, and birds.
Animals are always used in different procedures, such as testing for new drugs to cure infecting diseases, toxicity testing where poisoning can be occurred, skin being burnt, damages done to the brain (implants in brain is also being testing on -> electrodes into brain), and many other
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Defining ethical: This relates to moral principles or knowledge with dealing with a certain situation.
Moral relativism and the self interest theory will be used.
And the WOK I will be using is emotion.

Primary Knowledge Claim:
Seeing that there is a big number of people accepting that it is acceptable to test on animals I think: I think it is ethically wrong to have animals being experimented for the betterment.
25 million animals are experimented on for biomedical researches, science education (dissecting heart, where animals are dead) and cosmetics (for mascaras and liquid liners), every year in the US.
Rabbits are being tested on for shampoos and other products, which causes an irritation and are forced to have their eyelids helped open by clips. They can’t blink for multiple days until the test is over.
50% of the animals are killed by the Lethal dose test, which in this test you are able to find out what chemical is involved in the product.
Ethical theories is comes in place:
Moral Relativism: This is basically where the moral values are custom or convention that vary from culture to
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What are the ethics of animal testing?
I think this question can only be answered by the list of issues and limitations of animal testing.
Therefore, from my real life situation: Using animals for biomedical researches can be beneficial, but detrimental for the animals. In my opinion, I would like to say it is unethical.
Biomedical researches have proven that it is unethical but have a scientific benefits, for us human beings.
If this benefits the animals without many deaths of mices but this is simply ethical.
A reasonable way of testing the products can be used in an artificial way. For example, Lush is using fake skin to test their products on. But this is another topic, since we are using cosmetics. But using fake skin can be considered.
Compared to the scientific side of the point. It to somewhat ethical to experiment on animals. By this way, humans are getting a benefit for their health even though on the other side the animals are still suffering.
In the positive side of animal experiment: animals are also used to check how their intelligences or behaviour works within the different species.
The argument here is animal rights, to not let animals suffer due to human
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