Essay On Ethnic Cleansing

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Introduction Ethnic cleansing can be defined as the removal or killing of members of one ethnic group in the area by those of another ethnicity. This mostly takes place where the land or area is controlled by rival ethnic groups and they create more a unified nation-state by driving out the minorities, mostly used in the final phase of war in order to take control of the territory. It could also be explained as the use of force or intimidation to remove people of a certain ethnic or religious group from an area. The practice of ethnic cleansing is said to have a method: terror. It has a smell: the fetid misery of refugees. It has an appearance: the ruins of ravaged homes. Its purpose is to ensure—through killing, destruction, threat, and humiliation—that no return is possible. Although, no one quite knows the origin of this term but it is widely believed that its’ concept was drawn from the military vocabulary and was used to ‘clean’ Yugoslavia and during the…show more content…
During the war in Bosnia, the Serbs forced the Muslims and the Croats to leave their homes and were expelled. They used murder, arrest and detention, execution, rape and sexual assaults and many other violent ways to drive the minority ethnic group out of Bosnia. These acts were carried out by the army as well as the political leadership of Bosnia at the time of the war. The ethnic cleansing expelled 16,000 Croats, out of which many were murdered and many were tortured both physically and mentally in concentration camps. Destruction of their holy places, their homes and physical torture was all implemented in order for the Croats and the Muslims to leave Bosnia. The most devastating burst of violence, between April and August in 1992, saw Serbs driving more than 700,000 Muslims from an area that covered 70% of
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