Essay On Ethnic Identity In Bhutan

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Ethnic identity has become a significant source of instability in a state like Bhutan. The main ethnic groups are –Ngalong, Sharchops, and the people of Nepali origin i.e. Lhotshampa. The Nepalese came to Bhutan initially in the early 1900s to collect timber from the forests and thereupon, gradually settled down and took to farming. To accommodate the Nepalese people into the Bhutanese mainstream population, they were first conferred citizenship of Bhutan in 1958, which gave them several rights as par with other communities of Bhutan. The Bhutanese development programme led to the influx of Nepalese immigrants in the 1960's and 1970’s. Bhutanese elite people were sure that the foreign ethnic groups would outnumber them and they could become…show more content…
Because of their proximity to India, some speak Assamese or Hindi. B.Sharchopes never had posed any problem to the ruling elite until recently when under Rongthong Kunley Dorji who formed the Druk national Congress that they started demanding for democratic reforms and ushering in of the constitutional…show more content…
The 1988 census was taken only in the five southern districts of Bhutan, which sent shock waves to the ruling elites of Bhutan. The census result of Samchi district in southern Bhutan revealed that its population had almost doubled within a period of ten years. The census team divided the people into seven (F1-F7) categories. The F1-F7 categories are the following: F1- genuine Bhutanese F2- Returned Migrants (those who had left Bhutan but

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