Essay On Ethnic Identity

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The ethnic identify is defined by ¨The extent to which one identifies with a particular ethnic group(s)¨ we all feel that we are part of culture, nation, etc. In my case, my ethnic identity is Mexican, I was born in Mexico, I have lived seventeen of my twenty years of my life in Mexico, my entire family comes from that country, like I said before, I´ve lived in the United States the last three years of my life, I am resident but I don´t feel American at all, even not Mexican-American, I´m so thankful with this great country because all the opportunities I´ve received during this time, but my traditions, customs, and language are, and will be from Mexico. The Mexican culture is rich in traditions and customs, we are so religious because our parents teach us since we were kids, we can identify our culture by the traditional food, which is recognized around the world. I recognize my ethnic identity because my traditions, for us, the Mexicans, our traditions are very important, we have a lot of them, throughout the year, another term to identify my ethnic it’s the…show more content…
For the next point, it should be mentioned that the Mexican culture is very extensive in customs, beliefs, and traditions. First, in the Mexican culture, the religion is important, the 83% of Mexicans follow the Catholic Church, Mexico is the second country in the world with more believers of the Catholic Church, that´s means 111 million of persons, the most representative and sacred of us, the Mexicans, is the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is known as the mother of the Mexicans. We celebrate our traditions every year, one of the most important should be ¨El dia de Muertos¨
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