Essay On European Colonialism

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Colonialism first occurred during the Roman, Hellenist, Babylonian and Persian empires, but it is more known during the 15th century as “The Age of Discovery,” led by the Portuguese and Spanish. The colonization of the European in Africa, some parts of Asia and Americas is the most significant factor or could be the basis in comprehending the current state of the countries and people. That is why a deliberate study or reading of the European colonialism is essential to understand how much influence it has made not only on the economy and politics of these continents, but also on how the people look at them and themselves currently. I want to concentrate more on the continent of Africa. In the first place, why did the Europeans even become curious…show more content…
Compared to the period when Apartheid was enforced and the other racial segregations- like Black Codes, Chinese Exclusion Act and Indian Removal Act- racism is not as strong as it was before. Even though racism is still present, it is not that grave and degrading in contrast to the racial segregations period. The coloured people now have more or equal rights with the white and they are not separated in places and institutions with the white anymore. European colonialism has brought and benefitted a lot of countries like America. America, before the British colonialism, is populated by the Native people and they do not have a stable economy and government. After the colonization of the European, America began to apply what they learned from the British and make up their government. And today, America is most powerful country in the world while United Kingdom is the second most powerful. If the British did not colonize America, it could still be populated with Native people until now. Even if Africa did not develop like America, it was able to become a developed country among the other third world countries. All in all, the European colonialism’s influences have made a great impact to the colonized countries and continents and could even make a continent more powerful than
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