Essay On European Colonization

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The Effects of European Colonization and Exploration on the American Indians The first evidence showing that American Indians inhabited the North American continent indicated that they migrated from Siberia, most likely crossing the Bering Land Bridge, over eleven thousand years ago. From there, the American Indians became a nomadic people and roamed the continent until they found a region that suited their needs for food, water, and shelter. The American Indians living on the east coast and on river inlets were the first to encounter the Europeans, who some American Indians, especially the Aztecs, believed to be gods because of their shiny, silver armor, ship sails that looked like clouds, and their loud, unrecognizable weapons. This belief…show more content…
They were extremely creative, finding ways to live in deserts, forests, and prairies. They had established towns and traded peacefully over long distances. However, this was interrupted when the Europeans arrived in North America. These Europeans explorers brought immense changes to the American Indian tribes. The Europeans adversely affected the American Indian population by spreading infectious and deadly diseases. Although the introduction of disease to the American Indians was an accident, it played a major role in how the Europeans and natives interacted. European efforts to civilize the American Indians resulted in the death of many American Indians as well as their culture. European-manufactured goods also impacted the traditions of the American Indians. A short while after trading commenced, Indians began using theses new goods progressively in their day-to-day lives. It became a problem and affected native tradition when the American Indians began to rely on European goods for their daily needs. Even in today’s society, the American Indians are still being affected by choices made by the Europeans. At one point in time, the American Indians had a very large population, but today they only account for about one and a half of the United States population. To end on a brighter note, many American Indians continue to take pride in their ancestral traditions, practicing the music, art, and ceremonies that took place centuries
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