Essay On European Imperialism In Africa

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European Imperialism in Africa was huge for many nations in many ways. In economics, along with the their production production, and its usefulness. In those days it was all about who had what and how much money they had. Larger nations were fortunate to have more income than the smaller nations making the larger nations in more control. This was a major deal if you were considered the greatest or even close to the greatest. The driving forces behind European Imperialism in Africa the different levels of success based off economics, product production, and its usefulness. The fact that because of imports and exports nations were able to obtain much more that they couldn’t have gotten before that time. The Tanganyika exported rubber, cotton, sisal, and coffee. Cotton and rubber were two huge things that now other colonies…show more content…
The products that the Tanganyika produced were used to make rope and twine, to process food, to make waterproof clothes, tires,and fabrics. That is quite a long list and everything on it has a purpose. They needed to keep warm and wear clothes so of course fabrics were great. The first transportation through cars was beginning and a car sits on top of four rubber tires. Electrical insulation was another thing that came out of the Tanganyika, and that provides electricity which was great to have. Each product had a major purpose and now because of imperialism it gets to be shared with others who would also benefit from the products. The economic lens is where the colonies start dividing power depending on the money, another thing that went towards that also was the products they produced. In 1854, Great Britain made one million dollars in exports to South Saharan Africa. That amount increased by twenty million in 1900. In that time money was apower, you can bet that Great Britain was up there on the scale. That amount was just in exports to South Saharan africa, imagine the numbers if they exported
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