Essay On Europeans And Native Americans

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Quite simply put, Europeans viewed Africans and Native Americans as inferior to themselves. They were considered to be heathens and barbarians by the Europeans. And, at least initially, they were not Christian. It was believed that Europeans could save both Native Americans and Africans not only spiritually but also economically and socially. This type of attitude also most likely made it much easier for the Europeans to discriminate and exploit them.

Typical Native American and African society was often matrilineal. This meant that familial relationships were divided through the maternal line, rather than the paternal one like in Europe. This provided women in these societies a great more power and authority than it did in Europe. Women often were involved in making and influencing decision making in the tribe or group. To Europeans, this type of gender egalitarianism was not just foreign but also considered savage. This reinforced the belief that Europeans were superior.

In addition, Native American and African views on property differed remarkably from that of the Europeans. Many Native American and …show more content…

Native Americans and Africans were spiritual people. Native Americans and African believed in different gods compared to the monotheistic Europeans. Both Native Americans and Africans believed that spirits were present in everything, including natural objects. This led them to treat nature with a great deal of respect. Europeans, on the other hand, believed that nature was to be exploited. There was one god and an organized hierarchy to support it. Forgetting their own, not that distant roots, Europeans felt that Native American and African spiritually was actually paganism and devilish. In fact, a primary mission for many Europeans (particularly the Spanish) was missionary work in attempt to convert people they considered to be

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