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Evaporation is one of the many natural phenomena that occur in our daily lives. This phenomenon is the main global water-cycle and it is one of the ways that water in vapour form, is carried form the land or ocean to the atmosphere. In short, evaporation occurs when water in liquid state is converted to gaseous state. Water is composed of small particles called molecules. In liquid form, the molecules are held close to each other. However, when the water molecules gain energy from heat, they move faster and escape the attraction of the liquid water molecules. The water molecules are said to evaporate. Since heat is absorbed in the process of evaporation, this phenomenon is an important factor in heat exchange on the Earth’s surface. Evaporation that occurs naturally depends on many factors such as moisture content, humidity and wind velocity. When the temperature of the surface increases, the water molecules gain more energy in terms of heat. The molecules move faster and are able to free themselves from the attractions between the liquid molecules. As so, evaporation rate increases.…show more content…
Multiple effect evaporators were first invented by Norbert Rillieux. In 1843, Rillieux received a patent, U.S. 3,237 for a double effect evaporator, an evaporator which consists of two evaporators. In 1846, he built his invention according to the patent which covers all multiple effect evaporator techniques. His success was created under a company called Packwood, which provided him the patent. Rillieux’s invention spread widely especially in the sugar refining industries. By 1849, about 13 sugar refineries were reported using this patent of evaporator. Multiple effect evaporators are used in large scaled industries as they are more economic and have a more improved heat transfer efficiency compared to single effect

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