I Am Not My Hair Poem Analysis

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By: Divyye Chawra Someone once said in the world that, “In a world where everyone is a mask it is a privilege to see a soul.” This is a quote that explains that if everyone is hiding their true identity then they will not be much at all if we don’t actually see that identity at some point in time. If we “wear a mask” then we are showing that we might be happy and consent with the world and how it could be, but you are not going to be happy inside your heart, you will most probably be sad. When everyone is showing themselves it is inevitably better than not showing an actual representation, and wearing a mask. A mask is an item that many people use at times, but in the end it is harmful towards to the person that is using it. It is…show more content…
In the poem I am Not My Hair, by India Arie, it states, “I am not this skin I am the soul that lives within.” This states that India Arie feels that when she is wearing a mask she is “not herself” and she is not in her skin which means that when she is not wearing a mask she feels that herself, she is in her hair, and she is in control of her own soul. This also shows that the author of this poem might be trying to get control of her own self and that when she is not control of herself than most likely it means that she is wearing a mask. In the poem We Wear the Mask, by Paul Laurence Dunbar, it states, “We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes.” The author of this poem is trying to tell us readers that when you wear a mask you are hiding your personality and even sometimes how you look talk and you could also be changing your persona. Some people might say that when you are wearing a mask you could easily take it off and live your life as it is and deal with your problems. Many people would disagree with the claim of this because it shows that when you wear a mask you could easily take it off when you choose, which is not true because it could be very hard for some people to take the mask off and continue with their
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